Trussle Blog – Creating the Perfect Home Office January 15, 2019



Being organised

Although I work from home I don't like being stuck at my desk so I have a sit and stand one

Work-life balance aside, the importance of being organised when working from home shouldn’t be underestimated. One woman who produces tools to help, is Vicci Butler, the founder of Organise-Us. Her stylish stationery (diaries, notebooks, wallets, and even handbags) in a range of colours and luxurious finishes is designed to keep busy women in check and in control of their day-to-day lives.

Flexibility and availability for her young family were the reasons for starting up her business. Keen to create a quiet and light office space away from the family, a modest two-storey barn attached to their traditional country home was the obvious place. As everything was in good working order, no renovation work was needed.

With its vaulted ceiling and picture window, through which she has an idyllic view of the garden, all she needed was a minimal desk area and fitted shelving which she added once she started using the office.

Together with ample room upstairs to store away records, stock samples, and clutter (which she needs on hand but out of sight), the perfect environment for running a business – at which organisation is at the heart of – was complete.

“I don’t get distracted too much by the family as I mostly work in my office during the day when they’re not at home. It’s more challenging during school holidays but I find it less stressful juggling from close proximity than if I were working away from home.”

When it comes to self-discipline and separating work from home life, she says it’s tricky during peak periods, such as in the run up to Christmas. “Then, the balance is way out of whack. January is a time to regroup and restore that. And, when a day is not going to plan I’ll take the dogs for a walk.”


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